Thea Meulenberg Casting is the international casting agency of the Meulenberg family. The casting agency from Amsterdam has been around for almost 45 years and casts actors, actresses, commercial models, children, specials, families, couples, twins, presenters and voice actors with great passion and pleasure. The Meulenberg family does this for commercials, social media content, films and photography at home and abroad. The productions can be seen on television and on social media, as well as in print and outdoor commercials.

Thea Meulenberg Casting

Casting director Thea Meulenberg founded Thea Meulenberg Casting in 1980. With care and dedication she developed the agency into a renowned international casting agency. Laurens Meulenberg and Sevina Stapert-Meulenberg now run the family business that their (in-law) mother started.

Thea Meulenberg Casting Amsterdam

Both Laurens and Sevina have a rich past with Thea Meulenberg Casting Amsterdam. Laurens Meulenberg grew up with his mother's business and spent years in front of the camera as a child. He later entered the film world behind the camera. He has been on set for over 25 years now.

Sevina Meulenberg worked for many years at various advertising agencies and also had her own advertising agency. She worked for international organizations in marketing & communication positions and was on photography and film sets at home and abroad as a client.

Sevina and Laurens now run Thea Meulenberg Casting in Amsterdam together. They are happy to share their unique combination of knowledge, experience and love for this beautiful profession. They find the right cast for each project and arrange everything from A to Z.
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