Tips for great casting photos 
Do you want to increase your chances of getting assignments? Then put both professional casting photos and good homemade photos in your portfolio. Furthermore, we want to see the real you! So please avoid heavily retouched photos, but images that do justice to your appearance and posture. More tips for great casting photos and recommended photographers.

Tips for self-tape audition
How to make a good self-tape/a recorded video audition? We would like to help you on your way with a these 8 tips for a perfect self-tape to rock that E-Casting!

Tips for posing
- Have a look at yourself and discover your different sides. Try different looks/appearances. Keep your look fresh.
- Move your body. Small movements make all the difference.
- Don't let your arms dangle, choose a position for your hands. Relax your hands and show loose long relaxed fingers.

Tips for on set
How do you act on set and how does it work? Click to see the 10 golden tips for on set.

Tips for a great audition
Do you want to look like a pro at your audition? Here are the tips for a great audition.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q What is a casting?
A Before a client makes a final choice, they would like to hear and see you, especially when it comes to commercials. You can present yourself through a live casting in the studio. Another way to do a casting is via e-casting or self-tape casting. A self-tape is an audition video that you make yourself. You won’t receive any financial compensation for a casting.
Q What are the advantages and disadvantages of making a self-tape?
A A self-tape is a fast and efficient way of casting. The big advantage is that you have no travel time and costs, you’re more flexible in time and you can retake the recording if necessary. The downside is that you miss the feedback from the director. Click here for more tips to make a great self-tape.
Q How do I prepare for a casting?
A Via Thea Meulenberg Casting you always receive instructions about the role, scene, possible text, clothing, make-up. Never change your appearance (e.g. hairdresser, beard) after a casting. Always report in advance if you have any injuries or other changes in your appearance.
Q What is an option?
A If you are ‘in option’, the client is interested in you. Keep the mentioned date available for the possible assignment. The chance that you will be selected is already a lot higher, but it’s not yet 100% certain. Make sure you are easily accessible.
Q How often do I have to update my profile?
A Talents up to the age of 18 at least once every 6 months. For talents aged 18 and older once every year. Make sure that all data we have of you is always correct. Do you have a new mobile number or email address? A different size or different look? Let us know, so you won't miss out on any great assignments. Clients need to know what to expect.
Q How can I update my profile?
A Send your recent measurements (height, shoe and clothing size) and six good recent photos or links to new videos/showreels via www.wetransfer.com or via [email protected]. To monitor the quality of our sedcards, we do the updating in your profile ourselves.
Q Why am I not allowed to post on social media about my shoot?
A Confidentiality applies to all assignments. After the shoot is approved and goes live, you can often post something.
Q Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions?
A You agree to our General Terms and Conditions for talents at the last step in the registration form.
Q How does it work with children on set?
A Thea Meulenberg Casting, the producer and the parents/guardians are responsible for complying with the law. In the event of violations, the Labor Inspectorate can impose a fine on the employer and the parents of the child. The most up-to-date and extensive information regarding child labor in the Netherlands can be found at www.arbeidsinspectie.nl
Q What do these film terms mean?
Do you speak the language of the movie world? Check your knowledge here.

Q What are you doing about sustainability? 🌱
A We do our best to be as sustainable as possible. What this means for us? We mostly eat plant-based, drive electrically, have solar panels, cast a lot via self-tapes (this limits transport kilometers) and regularly rid our server of heavy files. We also have vegan and vegetarian models and actors and greenfluencers in our talent pool. Suggestions about reducing our footprint are always welcome: teamwork makes the dream work!
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