10 Golden tips for on set

1 Always be on time
Find out in advance how to get to the agreed place. Put our number in your phone: +31 (0)6 29057773. Call us immediately if something unexpected happens.

2 Never talk about money
Don’t talk about money, not with the client and not with other talents. This comes across as unprofessional and simply isn’t necessary, because the fee has already been settled. This way everyone can focus on the creative process.

3 Never sign anything
Contracts are also arranged in advance. Never sign anywhere on set. Kindly indicate that the client can contact us.

4 Act professional 
Never bring anyone else, or a pet, on set. This is disruptive and unprofessional. Be positive and friendly and shake hands with everyone on set. Be quiet and mute your phone so the crew can do their job properly. You’re not allowed to take pictures of/on the set or share anything on social media without permission.

5 Pay attention
Pay close attention to directions from the director, photographer or people from production. This way you’re ready and available if something is asked of you.

6 We are there for you
Always call us immediately if you think or feel that something is not right. Our number is 06 29057773.

7 Appearance
Always appear well groomed and presentable on set. Wash your hair the night before. Your nails are clean, natural and cared for, use a hand cream. Shave your armpits, bikini line and legs the night before and apply body lotion in the morning. Don't use perfume. As a man, you inquire in advance whether or not you should be shaved. Usually, a day old beard is best. Bringing shaving equipment to the set is useful (note: electricity is not always available).

8 Clothing / Styling
Usually there’s a stylist, but sometimes you have to bring some clothing sets yourself. Bring enough clothes and make sure everything is clean and ironed. It’s best to wear skin colored underwear. Women are advised to wear a T-shirt bra.

9 Make-up 
Usually, there is a make-up artist present and you show up without makeup. If not, bring your own makeup. It’s always wise to bring loose powder, to keep your face from being shiny.

10 Working hours
You’ll hear in advance how long the expected set times are, but keep in mind: it can always take longer! So don't schedule appointments right after your shoot. Always keep track of your start and end times on set. Report your working hours and any travel expenses to Thea Meulenberg Casting by e-mail no later than the next day.