8 Tips for a perfect self-tape

How to make a good self-tape / a recorded video audition? We would like to help you on your way with a number of professional tips. Remember, you want to stand out. First make a test recording and watch it immediately. If necessary, ask if someone can help you make the video.

TIP 1 Set up
Back drop: blue or grey plain background
TIP 2 Lightning
Good lighting is key. If you don’t have enough day light, you will need lamps.  
2 Lights on either side of you, no shadows. Ideally also a top light. A ring light also works very well. 
TIP 3 Audio
Make sure you have good crisp sound; check it!
Play back your clip before you send it in.
TIP 4 Camera
Get a(n) (actor) friend to help you out or use a tripod.
Keep your camera horizontally, use your phone or a good camera. 
Put the camera on eye level.
Framing: Medium shot, chest up to your top of head. 
TIP 5 Styling
Wardrobe, hair & make-up.
Make sure you look good. Wear natural make-up and only small jewellery. 
Wear one color that is in contrast to the background and your skin.
Dress to the character if possible. 
Otherwise, business casual is always good.
Don’t wear something distracting. Never wear shirts with stripes, stars or big logos. 
Empty your pockets. Make sure your nails are clean and nice, put on some hand cream. 

TIP 6 Introduction/slate
If no other instructions are given; 
For commercials, look into the camera. 

Say your name, project name, agent Thea Meulenberg Casting.
Show your: 
TIP 7 Performance
Check the brand, what they have done before? Do your research!
Learn and practice.
Analyze the scene. Who you are. Personalize, embody your role, make choices. 
What is your motivation? It makes you stand out. 
Tape a couple, practice. 
Play your scenes 2 times, make sure they are each different! Use facial expressions. Try different ways, give a range. Find a way to build the emotion in the scene and bring it back down. Make it interesting, fresh and real. Keep recording until you have the best performance. Don’t rush it. 
TIP 8 Technical instructions
Sending it in;
Max file size is 50MB on 1090 dpi. Ideally MP4. 
Send it via www.wetransfer.com to [email protected]

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