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Are you looking for the ideal type, talent, model or the right actor for a role? At Thea Meulenberg Casting you will find what you are looking for in our diverse and up to date portfolio, which is selected with great care. Our talent casting agency includes actors and models of all ages, sizes and diversity. Those who are classically beautiful, or those with a characteristic appearance, a specific type or skill.
Are your specific requirements not included? No problem. We have many more profiles than our website is showing. At our commercial modelling agency we are happy to help you find the specific models and actors that fit in with your project. Always feel free to contact us.


2588 talents found

Commercial casting agency

At our talent casting agency we represent:
In these categories you will find hand models, sports models, lingerie models, hair models, curvy models and of course ‘real people’. We also offer a wide range of commercial models and actors with specific skills. For example native speakers, presenters, musicians, singers and professional dancers.

Talent casting agency: actors and models

Are you looking for an actor for a presentation, online commercial or corporate film? At our talent casting agency you will find professional actors with proven acting experience. We also represent actors with specific skills; an opera singer for example.

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