Film terms

This is the actors’ cue to start.

Buy out
A buy out is portrait right. This is based on the use/deployment of the material, the area where it is shown, the duration of the screening and the media input.

Call Sheet
A daily report given to the crew with all the details pertaining to the filming day.

Call Time
The time you must report to the location for your day of filming.

Casting is the process of finding the right person for the role.

Confirmed Booking
This is a firm commitment to work on this day. Ensure you keep yourself free and available for a confirmed booking.

A sequence filmed over more than one day, or over several shots. It is essential that nothing changes to upset the continuity of the scene.

Eye Line
The direction you are required to look in shot.

First Positions
Sometimes referred to as Number Ones. You will be given a starting position for each take of a scene.

From the Top
To start the scene from the beginning.

Holding Area
Similar to Crowd Base. This is where you will wait before being called to set.

Pick Up
A small part of a scene which has been missed or needs to be reshot.

Any object you may be given in addition to your costume. You will be responsible for this item until you wrap for the day.

Stand By
A warning that filming is about to commence.

This indicated the end of the filming day. It actually stands for Wind Reel And Print.

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